Synopsis Law School Korean Drama

Law School Korean Drama

Netgenz -  Korean Drama | say hello to netizen we want to give a story about Law School is the latest Korean drama to appear in April, replacing Sisyphus: The Myth's slots on JTBC every Wednesday and Thursday. This drama is played by Kim Bum who is famous for Boys Over Flowers and Ryu Hye Young who is famous for Reply 1988. Law School which tells about the law played by Kim Hyung Min and Lee Jung Eun who added a special line of actors. The first scene of this drama successfully stirred up Korean drama fans and immediately became a viral topic on Twitter. The problem in this drama began when Professor Byung Ju, who was played by An Nae Si, became a murder victim. This case made everyone a defendant. The truth also slowly begins to unfold as the investigation is carried out until the pattern of everyone who participates in it is revealed. This case made several students in law school start studying.

Law School
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Synopsis Law School Korean Drama

Law School tells about an incident that occurred at the Korean National Campus, a prestigious college. This drama tells about several students and professors who took part in an unusual legal case. There is Yang Jong Hoon's character played by Kim Myung Min. He is a former beskal who later changed careers to become a professor at the campus. Yang Jong Hoon is said to have an outspoken character and often throws scathing responses at his students. This is what makes him a lecturer who is not so loved but he doesn't care and is still concentrating on building law students. Professor Kim Eun Sook, played by Lee Jung Eun, is one of the partners who can talk well with Yang Jong Hoo. He is a professor of civil law who has a friendly character with a free personality. The professor who holds the head of the law school clinic is really adept at court because of the former judge.

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Cast Law School Korean Drama

Kim Bum, Kim Myung Min, Lee Jung Eun, and Ryu Hye Young in a drama journalist meeting Law School that has appeared since April 14, 2021 There is also the character of Kang Sol A played by Ryu Hye Young, and Han Joo Hwi played by Kim Bum. The 2 students are the early year students of the 2 professors. Kang Sol A's character is told as a person who comes from an underprivileged family but manages to enter law school. He didn't feel optimistic because he was surrounded by smart students who were rich. Meanwhile, Han Joon Hwi's character is the smartest student of all students in the first year. He is shown as a prime figure with the cleverness of his brain and instincts of leadership. This character with an attractive performance has soaked its own secret as far as its life.

This drama is directed by an expert director who has worked on many famous dramas. Call it the drama The Light in Your Eyes which appeared in 2019 and the drama Listen to Love which appeared in 2016. He is Kim Berlagak Yun who worked together with the document writer for the drama Search engine optimization In. Director Kim Berlagak Yun explained that Law School tries to extract the legal factor in more detail into the narrative. Until this drama was actually referenced to some viewers who wanted to know at a glance the story of law school in South Korea. Besides that, this drama becomes the right story for young people and professors to combine to uphold justice and eradicate crime. According to the director, Law School carries out various laws that affect everyday life. It is certain that the narrative regarding disagreements between friendship and love is a sweetener for dramas.

Plot Scenario Law School Korean Drama

The following is a scenario for a Law School drama that tells about law in South Korea:

Law School takes the storyline about professors and law students in a South Korean college. So it was referenced once to some viewers who were undergoing law teaching. Even so, this drama is still an interesting spectacle to watch for those who do not study law. Because viewers can also learn happily about civil law or criminal law. Besides that, this drama is played by several top class artists and artists such as Kim Bum, Kim Myung Min, Ryu Hye Young, and Lee Jung Eun.

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The character depictions shown in the drama Law School are real realities. For example, the Yang Jong Hoon figure played by Kim Myung Min. He is told as a figure of criminal law professor who was originally a former elite leader. His attitude that often spoke harshly made him a lecturer who was shunned by some students. However, some students couldn't resist if they really enjoyed the professor's easy-to-understand education system. It is certain that the professor's character really fits reality. So is the reaction of students who show similarities to everyday life. Students tend to choose not to participate with other professors when studying in class. They do Ah, I don't like his attitude but can't hate him because his education system is open to the truth.

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Brilliant student in class

The narrative about brilliant students who get the exclusive attention of this lecturer is not much different from real life. Almost in a class, of course there are always such figures. This character's name is Han Joon Hwi, played by Kim Bum. He is the most exemplary early year student in his class. He is also known as a charismatic figure for making learning ranks for some of his friends. The point is that they can get the best score together. However, Han Joon Hwi took part in a case so he couldn't get away from it. Until he had to fight it. This condition also makes him have to try to reveal the truth of a case in which he is involved.

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Release Date: Law School Change Sisyphus'  The Myth Korean Drama

The arrival of Law School to replace the drama Sisyphus: the Myth, which was tamarind on April 14, 2021. If the drama played by Park Shin Hye tells about time travel, Law School tells about law students. Even though the storyline is completely different, the drama played by Kim Bum Ryu Hye Young and this is certainly still captivating to watch. Has anyone seen the story? you can streaming Korean drama on Netflix.

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