Synopsis Korean Drama Hospital Playlist

Drama Korea | Hospital Playlist is a slice of life that tells the daily activities of medical personnel at Yulje Medical Center. This story actually revolves around the friendship of 5 specialist doctors in the VIP ward. Even so, the supporting figures still receive sufficient portions so that the Hospital becomes very colorful. There is sadness, it is funny, there is anxiousness, sometimes it is resentful. Anyway, all emotions are stirred up. Also, read Synopsis of Drama She Was Pretty Episode 5 Part 1 English Subtitles.

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Synopsis Korean Drama Hospital Playlist

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Synopsis Korean Drama Hospital Playlist Details

The Hospital Playlist was directed by Shin Won Ho and the script was written by Lee Woo Jung. Previously, the duet work of Shin Wo Ho and Lee Wo Jung also managed to show the audience's attention and appreciation of great appreciation. Call it like The Reply and Prison Playbook medical korean drama.

Maybe, because it was done by the same people, the storytelling style of Hospital Playlist is actually not much different from their previous work.

Tells the story of the daily realities of people in one environment. It is full of conflicts that are not exactly complicated, but also not simple. There are issues related to most people's lives. Simple story but still interesting to follow.

Watching the Playlist Hospital during a pandemic like this, makes me want to resent the struggling medical personnel out there. Seeing the working picture of medical personnel on the Hospital Playlist, it feels like I'm tired of it myself. You know how heavy it works.

They spent almost 24 hours in the hospital. Every day you have to be on guard in case of an emergency. Even eating was not complete because there was an emergency call. Tired!

Not to mention if there are stubborn patients, emotional patient families, or uncooperative coworkers. Does it feel more emotional or not?

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The work of doctors and nurses is a job that puts a person's life and safety at risk. The decisions that are made can have a profound effect on a person's survival. If you are not smart, emotional, and mentally healthy, you may become depressed yourself. This joy and sorrow are beautifully photographed on the Hospital Playlist.

As the title implies, 90% of the Drama Hospital playlist setting is in the hospital. Including the hospital canteen, operating room, practice room, and so on.

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The Begin story of Hospital Playlist Drama

Synopsis Korean Drama Hospital Playlist
Hospital Playlist

This story opens with the death of the President Director of Yulje Medical Center. Now, Yulje Medical officials are talking about who came to the President Director.

The late President Director, left a wife and 5 children, consisting of 3 sons and 2 daughters. Was the late President's team one of his five children? In fact, none of the President's children were interested in replacing the prestigious floor plan.

The four eldest children have devoted themselves to celibacy as priests and nuns. Meanwhile, the youngest, despite being a highly competent specialist doctor, did not desire power. Unique conglomerate family! , can't wait we will soon be waiting for season 2 of the hospital playlist!

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Hospital Playlist as a medical korean drama series that will appear in March 2020, played by Jo Jung Suk, Yoo Yun Suk, Jung Kyung Ho, Kim Dae Myung, and Jun Mi Do. This drama tells the story of 5 doctors in a hospital who all attended medical teaching at the same school in 1999 and are currently good friends. They work together in the same hospital.

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This drama will appear on tvN every Thursday at 21:00 (KST) starting March 12, 2020, replacing the slots for the drama "Pegasus Pasar". Director Shin Won Ho and document writer Lee Woo Jung previously often worked together in the tvN drama series Reply 1997, Reply 1994, and Reply 1988.

Scenario for Korean Hospital Playlist

"Wise Doctor Life" visualizes the story of several doctors, nurses and patients in a hospital with many problems. The 5 doctors all entered the same medical college in 1999. They have been friends since college and currently work together in the same hospital.

This drama will visualize the story of friendship and love that grows between them.

Drama details

Title: Hospital Playlist / Wise Doctor Life / Smart Doctor Living

Korean title: Seulkirowoon Uisasaenghwal


Director: Shin Won Ho

Document Writer: Lee Woo Jung

Network: tvN

Number of Scenes: 12

Launch Date: March 12, 2020 - over

Show Time: Thursday 21:00

Type: dramas, medical, friendship, romance

Korean language

Country: South Korea

Production Company: Egg is Coming, CJ ENM E&M


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Special Actor

Jo Jung Suk as Lee Ik Joon (hepatobiliary surgeon)

Yoo Yun Suk as Ahn Jung Won (pediatric surgeon)

Jung Kyung Ho as Kim Joon Wan (cardiothoracic surgeon)

Kim Dae Myung as Yang Suk Hyung (gynecologist and gynecologist)

Jun Mi Do as Chae Song Hwa (neurosurgeon)

Yulje - Clinical Center

General operation

Shin Hyun Bin as Jang Gyeo Wool (resident)

Jun Kwang Jin as Jong Se Hyuk (surgeon)

Kim Soo Jin as Song Soo Bin (ward nurse)

Lee Noh Ah as Lee Young Ha (ward nurse)

Lee Dal as Kim Jae Hwan (ward nurse)

Lee Hye Eun as Gook Hae Sung (nurse)

Kim Bi Bi as Ham Duk Joo (transplant coordinator)

Myung Jae Hwan as surgeon

Lee Ji Hoon as surgeon

Kim Kang Min as intern

Cardiothoracic Surgery

Jung Moon Sung as Do Jae Hak (chief resident)

Choi Young Woo as Chun Myung Tae (professor)

Yoon Hye Ri as So Yi Hyun (head nurse)


Lee Ji Won as Han Hyun Hee (nurse)


Moon Tae Yoo as Yong Suk Min (chief resident)

Kim Joon Han as Ahn Chi Yong (resident)

Ha Yoon Kyung as Heo Sun Bin (resident)

Search engine optimization Jin Won as Min Ki Jun (professor)

Yang Jo Ah as Hwang Jae Shin (nurse)

Jung Jae Sung as chief neurosurgeon

Lee Chan Hyung as intern

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Ahn Eun Jin as Choo Min Ha (resident)

Kim Hye In as Myung Eun Won (resident)

Kim Ji Sung as Han Seung Joo (nurse)

Seol Yoo Jin as Eun Sun Jin (nurse)

Critical Healing

Choi Young Joon as Bong Kwang Hyun (professor assistant)

Shin Do Hyun as Bae Joon Hee (fellow)

Park Han Sol as Sun Woo Hee-Soo (nurse)


Kim Gab Soo as Joo Jong Soo (chairman, Director of the Yulje Foundation)

Jo Seung Yun as Joo Jun (director)

Jo Yi Hyun as Jang Yoon Bok (3rd-year medical student)

Bae Hyun Sung as Jang Hong Do (3rd-year medical student)

Park Jung Woo as Jang Gyeo Wool's younger brother

Sympathy Actor

Ahn Jung Won's family

Kim Hae Sook as Jung Ro Sa (Jung Won's mother)

Sung Donk Il as the eldest brother

Ye Ji Won as the eldest sister

Kim Sung Kyun as a second older brother

Oh Yoon Ah as the second older sister

Some people around Lee Ik Joon

Kwak Sun Young as Lee Ik Soon (Ik Joon's younger sister)

Kim Joon as Lee Woo Joo (Ik Joon's son)

Ki Eun Se as Yook Hye Jung (Ik Joon's wife)

Lee Soo Mi as babysitter

Some people around Yang Suk Hyung

Moon Hee Kyung as Jo Young Hye (Suk Hyung's mother)

Nam Myung Ryul as Yang Tae Yang (Suk Hyung's father)

Kim Sun Hwa as Suk Hyung's aunt

Lee So Yoon as Kim Tae Yun (Yang Tae Yang's mistress)

Park Hyung Soo as Advocate Pyun

Patients and their families

Park Ji Yun as Eun Ah's mother

Yumi Hye Ran as Min Young's mother

Hwang Young Hee as Kim Donk Hyuk's mother

Park Seung Tae as Kim Donk Hyuk's grandmother

Shin Hee Kook as Park Jung Soo

Kim Choo Wol as Han Seung Hyuk's mother

Hwang Jae Yeol as the daughter of a female patient

Park Ok Chool as female patient daughter

Kim Kook Hee as Gal Ba Ram

Kim Dae Gon as Gal Ba Ram's husband

Park Hye Jin as patient in Gal Ba Ram's suite suite

Min Kyung Ok as a patient in Gal Ba Ram's suite suite

Kim Han Jong as Kong Hyung Woo

Kim Sung Chul as Noh Jin Hyun

Hong Joon Woo as Si Woo

Lee Chang Jik as Jung Soo Bum

Jung Yoo Min as Jung Eu

Bin (Jung Soo Bum's daughter)

Shin Joo Hyup as Jung Ho Joon (Jung Soo Bum's son)

Lee Chae Yoon as Jung Soo Bum's wife

Ji Min Hyuk as Hui Donk

Oh Donk Min as Yook Hee Kwan

Hong Ji Hee as Yook Hui Kwan's wife

Lee Chun Moo as Won Joon

Shim Dal Ki as Chan Hyung's mother

Ha Yi Ahn as Jae Hun / Jae Yong

Jung Ah Mi as Shim Young Soo's wife

Son Kyung Won as Oh Jae Il

Lee Jung Mi as Oh Jae Il .'s wife

Kim Ka Hee as Bin

Heo Soon Mi as Kim Jae Young

Yoon Byung Hee as Kim Jae Young's husband

Kim Donk Yong as patient Chun Myung Tae's son

Yang Seung Kul as Kim Tae Jin's father

Jung Doo Kyum as Go Young Min (Go Ara's father)

Lee Chae Eun as Ji Ah's mother

Kang Kyuk Soo as Ji Ah's father

Lee Search engine optimization Joon as Hyun Soo

Lee Ji Hyun as Shin Mi Jin

Kim Ik Tae as Choe Jung Won

Noh Young Hwa as Choe Jung Won's wife

Jung Sae Byul as Choe Jung Won's first daughter

Ahn Soo Bin as Choe Jung Won's youngest daughter

Ahn So Yo as baby Hoon's mother

Kang Jung Woo as Jo Moon Jung

Kim Jae Chul as an exterminator patient feels sick

Kang Chan Yang as a patient visitor

Cha Soo Rin as Oh Yoo Min

Shin Hyun Jong as Oh Yoo Min's father

Song Min Ji as Tae Hee's mother

Yoon Geum Sun Ah as Jae Won's baby mother

Han Sa Myung as Kim Hae Bum

Park Eun Young as Kim Hae Bum's mother

Lee Jae In as So Mi

Kang Yun Jung as baby Chae Yun's mother

Im Seung Bum as baby chae Yun's father

Jung Min Sung as Chang Hak

Park Bo Kyung as Chang Hak's wife

Shin Yun Sook as Chang Hak's mother

Kim Jung Soo as Chang Hak's father

Chin Hee Chul as Chang Hak's brother

Kim Ah Ram as Chang Hak's sister-in-law

Ko Do Yun as Ji Hyun

Kim Min Hee as Ji Hyun's mother

Jun Yi Rang as Ji Hyun's father

Oh Jung Woo as cirrhosis patient pasien

Nam Si Ji as the wife of a cirrhosis patient

Yook Mi Ra as mother of a cirrhosis patient

Lee Joong Yul as astrocytoma patient

Eom Ok Ran as wife of astrocytoma patient

Kim Mi Kyung as Jung Min's mother


Kim Min Suk as Lee Suk Hyun

Bae Sung Il as an electrician

Lee Joo Myung as PD Song

Choi Seung Yoon as Chae Song Hwa's ex-girlfriend

Lee Soo Geun as radio DJ

Eun Ji Won as radio DJ

Go Ah Ra as herself

Kim Sun Young as patient Ik Joon

Choi Moo Sung as the husband of patient Ik Joon

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