Synopsis Alive Korean Movie

NetgenzKorean Movie | Hello, my friends on this occasion, we will share a synopsis of The Alive Korean movie The film Alive is one of the creations from Il Co and has a type of Zombie from South Korea's ginseng country. Alive made the type of Zombie in South Korea even more attractive to witness the success of Parasite and Train to Busan.

Synopsis Alive Korean Movie

#Alive Korean Drama

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Cast Alive Korean Drama

This film is played by Ah-In Yoo as Oh Joon-woo and Shin-Hye Park as Kim Yoo-bin. The film is an adaptation of an American novel entitled Alive by Matt Naylor. This film tells the story of young men and women who are caught in the Zombie pandemic in their respective apartments. The first time this film is from Joon-woo who is called a gamer. As usual, he always opens the game's social media every time he wakes up to admonish the audience. The game partners talk about something that's on every TV in Korea and as the impact of good TV.

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Synopsis Alive Korean Drama

He also immediately watched the tv and the home page of his apartment to determine it. Sure enough, he witnessed various riots in front of his apartment. Suddenly a neighbor entered his apartment to save himself, but apparently, he was hit by a zombie. He succeeded in getting his affected neighbor out of his apartment. The scenario for the film Alive continued, he photographed himself asking for help and spread it to various media. He then tried to use a drone to catch the missing cellphone signal. Also, read Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 1 Part 1 English Subtitles.

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He witnessed outside a policewoman who was short on her pistol bullets and nearly caught by a zombie. She also screamed in her apartment but the female policeman's life could not be helped. Jon-Woo heard a sound behind his refrigerator door, apparently, there was a path for some of the zombies. He made up his mind like soaring, finally, the Zombie came out of his podium.

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After staying in his apartment for several days, in the screenplay for Alive, Jon Woo makes a video that tells him that he has run out of food. He got a phone from his mother and heard that Zombie had attacked his parents.

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Plot Alive

He was frustrated and made up his mind to leave the apartment, but when he found a zombie he was immediately terrified. She returned to the apartment again to hang herself in frustration that nothing had contributed. As he was about to hang himself, he witnessed a red laser shot into his face. Apparently, it was the same woman entangled in the apartment but in another building. 

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The Climax of the Alive Movie

The scenario for the film Alive continues, when Joon-woo is hungry in the morning, Yoo-bin will also give him food. Because in different buildings he uses drones to be able to distribute food via ropes. They are really short of food, Joon-woo wants to go to the side apartment and hopes there is food there. He did find food but had to run back because there were zombies there.

Joon-woo hands Yoo-bin a walkie-talkie so they can talk long-distance. They also chatted on walkie-talkies and chose to leave the apartment as soon as possible. They also jumped on ropes to get down from their apartment and into another building. In the scenario of the film Alive, it seems unexpected that there are many zombies there hunting them in the building.

Luckily they rescued him in the corner of the empty apartment and pulled him inside. There they met a man and were given drinks and food. While they were eating, the person who saved the two of them said that a rescue team always arrived. Apparently, the food consumed by Yoo-Bin and Joon-Woo had been given a sleeping pill.

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Yoo-Bin is taken to a room to be food for his wife who became a zombie. The scenario for the film Alive continues when Joon Woo succeeds in saving Yoo Bin. They chose to shoot together because they were discouraged rather than having to become a zombie. When going to shoot Yoo-Bin, Joon Woo heard that several rescue helicopters arrived.

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They also immediately thought of going straight to the top floor of the apartment for the rescue team to watch them. After arriving there no helicopters arrived. Did they survive? Or maybe after being a zombie?

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