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Netgenz - Culinary | Hello we will share typical food is a sign and symbol of the region in Indonesia, of course, when you are traveling, you don't feel anything special in a tourist destination city, even if you don't bring souvenirs, you will feel disappointed, but don't worry on this occasion we are want to tell you what foods are popular among the Indonesian people who are scattered throughout the archipelago, especially in 34 provinces, is there a part 2 of Top Indonesian Street food, let's look at the list below :

1. Aceh

Aceh Province, as we know Aceh is famous for its distinctive noodles or what is commonly called "Mie Aceh". A distinctive appearance in the form of very thick yellow noodles with sliced meat served in a kind of savory and spicy curry soup, you can also do it if seafood fans add shrimp topping on top. This food is rich in spices and really delicious!

Aceh Noodle Culinary

2. North Sumatera

Bika Ambon Culinary

The typical food in North Sumatra, especially Medan is Bika Ambon. Bika Ambon is really good! Sometimes it is also sold with other flavors, such as durian and cheese. The taste is sweet and soft. This snack is a traditional cake with a taste sensation, chewy, sticky, and soft with a hollow texture, with many egg compositions and the natural color of turmeric making this food unique. Bika Ambon cake is one of the perfect souvenirs for families.

3. West Sumatra

Rendang Culinary

West Sumatra is famous for its Nasi Padang food, of course, this dish comes from the city of Padang. This spicy food has a strong taste and is very delicious with the addition of green chili sauce and vegetables. Rendang is one of Padang's dishes that is a favorite of many Indonesians, especially boarding students and even abroad.

4. Jambi

Patin Fish Curry is a popular dish among the people of Jambi Province. This curry is cooked using tempoyak, which is fermented durian fruit flesh. But some people choose to replace tempoyak with coconut milk to avoid the strong smell and taste of tempoyak or don't really like durian, this special food is worth a try!

5. Bengkulu

Pendap Bengkulu Culinary

This Bengkulu special food is made from fish-flavored with various spices. This pendap has a spicy and savory taste. The cooking process of pendap can be said to be quite long, which is about eight hours until the fish is completely cooked and the spices absorb and the taro leaves no longer cause itching on the skin. You can use various types of fish to be processed into pendap.

6. Riau

Gulai Belacan Riau Culinary

Belacan Gulai is one of the typical dishes from Riau, this curry is made with a mixture of belacan or shrimp paste sauce. The material usually uses shrimp or fish. Gulai is famous for its sweet, spicy, savory, sour taste and thick delicious sauce that gives it its own uniqueness compared to other curries.

7. Riau Islands

Otak-otak Culinary

Otak-otak is one of the special foods in the Riau Islands, both in Batam, Tanjung Pinang, and on Penyengat Island. There are two types of brains here, namely the brains made from fish and from the spicy squid. These brains are wrapped in green leaves along with the lid, which is then burned with hot coals. Otak-otak is one of the special foods in the Riau Islands, both in Batam, Tanjung Pinang, and on Penyengat Island. There are two types of brains here, namely brains made from fish and from spicy squid. These brains are wrapped in green leaves along with the lid, which is then burned with hot coals. So addicting! So addicting!

8. South Sumatra

Pempek Sumatra Culinary

In South Sumatra, Pempek food is famous. Pempek is made from fish and sago. The presentation is accompanied by a chocolate sauce called cuko. Cuko is made from boiling water, then added with brown sugar, prawns, and mashed cayenne pepper, garlic, and salt.

9. Bangka Belitung

Bangka Noodle Culinary

Bangka noodles or noodles are one of the many characteristics of the people of the island of Bangka, made from ordinary wet (yellow) noodles that are doused with spiced sauce which usually consists of seafood (fish, shrimp, squid, or crab) and often added with bean sprouts or Sprouts, cucumber or cucumber, and crackers, delicious when served hot, and add the spicy taste of chilies, seafood fans must make it!

10. Lampung

Seruit Culinary

Seruit is a typical food of Lampung province, which is a dish of fried or grilled fish, a seruit is a type of preparation consisting of Sambal - as the main part, which is mixed with grilled fish, a type of river fish such as belida, layis, baung, seluang, and so on, plus with the inside of cucumber, grilled or fried eggplant and tempoyak, which is fermented durian mixed with chili paste, tempoyak (processed durian) or mango.

11. Banten

Sate Bandeng Culinary

Milkfish Satay is a typical Banten food. Unlike regular milkfish, the meat of the milkfish satay is tender and boneless. Milkfish satay uses brown sugar and coconut milk. Because of its uniqueness, milkfish satay is a souvenir from Banten.

12. Jakarta

Kerak Telur Culinary

Kerak Telor is a native Jakarta (Betawi) food, with the ingredients of white glutinous rice, chicken eggs, dry roasted Ebi (dried marinated shrimp) plus fried shallots, then topped with mashed spices in the form of roasted coconut, red chilies, kencur, ginger, pepper granules, salt, and sugar. I have tried it before and it's really delicious, you can read more articles about culinary click here.

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