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Netgenz  - Tips Blog  | Hello Friends previously I have made a post to create a sitemap, on this occasion I will share with us about Blog Tutorials About Blogging Tips Search Engine Optimization (SEO), previously we have discussed how to blog quickly accepted by Google Adsense and discuss a little about SEO, OK! let's start the discussion about SEO, ok .. let's start!

What is SEO?

Many people don't understand the meaning of the word SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization, which means optimizing search engines, what for? Yes, to find your article, there are so many search engines scattered on search engines that are scattered on the internet, such as Google, Yahoo's great-grandmother, and Bing. However, until now there have been many, people who only stick to SEO optimization only on Google, and others? yes ignored! In fact, search engine optimization (SEO) can still be optimized by submitting as a webmaster to website optimization maximum, even though Google is the largest search engine currently available, ignoring other search engines will seem to ignore other search engines which also greatly impact your blog site, especially the traffic section. visitors. In fact, all search engines can increase your reach and visitors, especially if you can get international traffic ....! America is an idol, Then, what is the purpose of a blog or site (SEO) right? SEO aims to increase search engine traffic. If you want to attract more visitors to your website, SEO optimization is very useful. Because by using SEO, your website is more likely to get page one (increase search engine ranking in search engines). Most people just visit the search engine homepage and ignore the next page. SEO can increase the coverage and visitors to your website. SEO can be used to optimize a variety of websites, including personal, business, or corporate websites (very useful when branding a business). What are the types of SEO? yes in simple terms there is on-page SEO and Off-Page Seo.

SEO Blogging

SEO For Tutorial Blogging

What is On-page SEO?

On-page SEO

SEO is one of the SEO optimization methods that can be done through the content on the website. In short, SEO is the job of SEO optimization from site to structure, make sure your template page loading is fast and not slow, then presents quality and useful content so that visitors will return to watch your blog website as a reference, then when making navigation it must be clear that for example about health yes means you have to display content related to health, don't even invest

SEO-On Page

One of the ways to optimize on-page SEO is by creating high-quality content in the eyes of both readers and search engines. To be precise, make the content easy to read and understand by many people so that later it will be related to off-page SEO !, okay we will discuss it!

What is Off-Page SEO?

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO is SEO optimization that is done from outside the website, but it will still affect the ranking of your website. Both play an important role and need to be improved to get the best SERP. SERP itself stands for search engine result page, which is a search result page on a search engine. As we all know, when we search for content here, the search engine will display many pages, so here we will start playing with the Google algorithm.

What is Backlink?

Off-page SEO is still a mystery and its scope is very broad in terms of backlinks. especially the SEO optimization work done from outside the site, but it will still affect the ranking of your site. Both play an important role and need to be improved to get the best Search engine ranking. SERP can not only be sorted at will from google but also can be sorted based on the search engine algorithm itself. Google is one of the newest search engines. However, SEO experts believe that even with new algorithms, high-quality content is still the most important, quality content is either useful or the content you create has something called VALUE "Value", this is how if your article is useful to users it will definitely be shared on social media, etc ..., so that your website link spread everywhere so that Google will re-RANK.! Another algorithm that is still used today is backlinks. What is a backlink? in essence, a link that directs from one site to another via an active or inactive link. But it is not easy to optimize using backlinks on off-page SEO, because here your site will be used as a reference. there are 2 types of backlinks namely do-follow and no-follow.

What are Dofollow Backlinks?

dofollow is the name of the backlinks. Backlinks allow search engine robots to explore and index the links you provide to other people's websites. In other words, you seem to provide references to show that the quality of the website is good and worthy of being understood by others. Advantages of DoFollow links As it allows robotic web crawler crawlers to follow links until they disappear, dofollow links play an important role in helping to increase the ranking of websites such as Wikipedia, Academia.Edu, etc. which have great authority value.

Examples of dofollow backlinks
<a href=``"> novelcerpenku </a>

What are Nofollow backlinks?
the google search engine may not crawl the listed no-follow links, but these links are still visible to users, and can even make it easier if they need important information mentioned by other websites. So, nofollow links play a minor role in SEO optimization. As a result, blogs or webmasters don't like these types of links.

Example of Nofollow backlinks
<a href="" rel="nofollow"> novelcerpenku </a>

What is an Internal Link?
In simple terms, internal links link articles to other articles that are related and related (one topic), for example discussing A, later discussing derivatives A or sub A ... what is the use of internal links? actually its use will lead to page authority, and the highest according to the highest SEO OFF admin is Anchorage Text !, simply like this image.

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Contoh Internal Link SEO OFF Page

Example Internal Link SEO OFF Page

What is Anchorage Text?

Anchorage text is more or less like an internal link, it's just that the placement is different, where the anchorage text is in the menu bar of a website or blog that leads directly to your site ... just think of it as a label that links to your site, so he recommends a topic to your site. your website.

Example of Anchorage Text

Ok, that's all I can provide an explanation of On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO, especially What is SEO On Page, Off Page, Internal Links, Backlinks, and Anchorage Text? If the author can share Blogging tips and tutorials on the Blogspot domain can be accepted AdSense.

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