Create a Privacy Policy and a Blog Disclaimer

What is the Privacy Policy?

Netgenz Tips Blog | Hello, previously I have discussed  Themes Content is Suitable for Bloggers Part 2, on this occasion, allow us to share tips and ways, namely about Learning Blogger Tutorials, In the world of blogs, we must understand the privacy policy, because this is an absolute requirement for us to become a Google Adsense publisher. Therefore, to easily approve google Adsense get advertising in this blogger tutorial, not reject because low content value! I will provide the easiest way to create a privacy policy. Previously sorry I'm still a novice blogger. Let's start by first understanding the privacy policy, you will definitely be confused, What is a privacy policy? A privacy policy is a legal policy created by a blog or website for yourself. What are you doing? If you know the techniques for creating this privacy policy, you can create your own. However, if you're lazy about creating your own privacy policy, you can follow my straightforward method to get started. Indeed, there are lots of websites that provide this privacy policy, but this time I will provide a way to create a privacy policy using an online privacy policy. So, please follow the steps below.

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Privacy Policy and a Blog Disclaimer

Create a Privacy Policy and a Blog Disclaimer

Create a Privacy Policy and a Blog Disclaimer

The first step is to open an online privacy policy website.

  • On the homepage, you can immediately fill out the form.
  • If you are still confused about how to make it, you can follow the example below.
  • After filling out the form, you will now select "Generate Policy" to view your privacy policy. If you select "Generate HTML",
  • You will get a "Privacy Policy", which has been encrypted as HTML and can be copied directly.
  • After the HTML screen appears, you can now copy all the scripts.

How to create a privacy policy page on your blog

Log in to your Blogger account now.

Select the page menu, then select New page, type the title online privacy.

On the new page, select the "HTML" tab and enter the "Privacy Policy" script you copied earlier. After entering the script, select publish now. Your blog now has a privacy policy. This is my short tutorial on how to create a privacy policy, the same way you can make a disclaimer,

How to Display Privacy Policy and Disclaimer

Now we go to the next step, pasting the privacy policy and disclaimer so that it appears on the blog, we just copy it to get the link, you can right-click the eye symbol, then click copy link.

after that go to your layout menu (dashboard section).

enter the footer menu section or the part of your template which contains the menubar.

Enter name: for the title, you type according to the name that was made earlier
for URL: paste the link that was previously copied earlier.

how easy right? Create a Privacy Policy and Disclaimer for a blog, for tips on how to blog.

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