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Here are 5 Korean-style men's styles

Netgenz - Lifestyle | Hello, my friends on this occasion we will discuss the topic of Korea, namely about 5 Korean-style men's styles and hijabs styles. Now talking about Korea, one of the things I syringe in Korean films is the fashion style. If you want, almost all circles in Korea have a less good sense of dressing than actors than celebrities. and also for hijab women who like to idolize k-pop artists, even interested in Korean-style fashion.

1.Style Man ( Striped Tee)

Style triped tee ala korea
Style Triped Tee

Maybe in Indonesia, some know this style, but those who haven't tried this style yet ... guarantee that many will glance at it (if a handsome face is kidding me) because the style is simple but looks cool and luxurious. The striped tee is suitable for all types of jeans and trousers, and to make it even cooler, you can add accessories such as watches, or so on.

2.Look Like School Boy

Style scholl boy ala korea
Style School Boy

The kind of style that is very popular is the schoolboy look. For a look like this, you don't need to look for such a style, people who can't afford it, just wear a plaid shirt with a black/white shirt according to the color of the shirt and add a backpack, watch, cool bracelet, and hairstyle like Korean style.

3. Printed Clothes

Style printed clothes ala korea
Style Printed Clothes

This style is a lot popular because whatever is printed will usually look cooler and cooler, especially if the printing seems a bit "weird but not weird, guys". It will give a unique and aesthetic impression.

4. Funky Sweaters

Style sweater funky ala korea
Style Sweater Funky

One likes sweaters, maybe you can wear these sweaters in a Korean style to be more stylish in front of women. but sweaters must be in tune or complement each other "like you and me hoho" not like this time mimin, yes that complements the color with the pants. The pants used can be any type that is important when the wearer is comfortable.

5. Oversized Clothes

Style clothes oversized ala korea
Style Clothes Oversized

Baggy clothes or oversized clothes have become Korean-style fashion, only with skinny pants and t-shirts, jackets, you already look cool Korean style.

Okay Everyone, I think my discussion is complete enough, thank you for visiting our blog as well as articles about 5 Korean Style Men and Style Hijabers, hopefully, it can be useful for readers of Indonesian netizens, especially for +62 citizens who like contemporary styles up to sleeping is still repackaged so that it is more aesthetic while sleeping hehe kidding. If you want to find out about dramas just for yourself at home until you rarely come out, Mimin recommends checking here. and anyone looking for good or much-loved Korean pop songs can check here, then the complete article in our blog, please click here.

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