Increase The Content Value of Blog (YMYL Content)

Netgenz Tips Blog | Hello friends If you're trying to optimize your YMYL blog and don't pay attention to these three rules, Google's quality evaluator might give your blog a "low quality" rating because Google is also concerned with writing quality, not just quantity.

The Content Value of Blog

Increase The Content Value of Blog (YMYL Content)

If you enter YMYL content, but at random, it's better if you stop writing a blog or as a content writer, even if you succeed in indexing articles on your website that have low rankings, then who will want to read? in fact, the worst-case will disappear from the top of the search engine results page (google's SERPs).

However, not all of your last PageRank will be lost on search engines right away. Google provides feedback assessing the quality of the writing and adjusting its search algorithm accordingly. They do not directly affect the results.

How to increase the Content Value of a blog?

First, make sure your blog follows the EAT rules, so write what you like, and are experts in your field, make sure that something you cover is detailed, original, and factual (of course people need certainty) especially YMYL-themed blogs, oh yes besides that there are suggestions So that the value of the blog increases in the eyes of people searching, not Google, if possible, use a domain with the extension dot com, net, org (TLD)

Conclusion How to Overcome Adsense Failure Due to Low Content Value on Blogs?

After you understand the content of the writing above, you will indirectly start thinking about how to write content and try to make content that can be SEO which experts say are friendly to search engines, the most important thing is to be patient with all the processes so that you can page one Google.

In essence, the content is "low value" when submitting Google Adsense, yes, because it is not quality, according to sis, the content that you make is not important, especially if you have a heavy niche like financial, especially medical when published, sorry roughly, there is no new knowledge readers get, so from now on, change the mindset (well thinking) even though your web or blog is not a YMYL niche but you have to pay attention to the 3 points about EAT above, all to improve the quality of content, the conclusion is from Sis Oliv before making articles or content related to certain fields You have to conceptualize it first, don't be careless so that if Google Adsense is rejected you don't get hurt, 


Those are the Blogging Tutorials and Tips for Overcoming Adsense Failure Due to Low Content Value on a Blog (Google EAT), for other tutorials you can check the blogging menu.

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