How to Get TLD Free Domain Easily

How to Get TLD Free Domain Easily

Netgenz - Tips Blog | Hello Friends, on this occasion, allow us to share tips and ways, namely about the Independent Learning Online Blog. Blogging tips for beginner bloggers like Mimin, both know blogs in simple terms, this time I will give tips on how to get a free domain forever, of course not only domains but free hosting and domains for life do not pay, as long as friends use them wisely, okay, we will immediately give a tutorial on how to get a free domain + free hosting forever, you can also see a list of hosting providers in Indonesia, but this time the one I want to share is the domain, our goal is to use the TLD domain so that it is faster to approve Google Adsense.

How to Get TLD Free Domain Easily

How to Get TLD Free Domain Easily

What is the domain? is a subdomain of org which has been dedicated to European countries since 1996 but take it easy, in Indonesia, you can register for free, as long as you use it wisely, even though this subdomain turns out to be classified as a TLD (Top Level Domain) domain. The domain can still be installed in the form of ads from AdSense publishers, we need to know that this domain is one of the few free domain providers that can still survive in 2021. Indeed, the registration process is quite long in the sense that you have to be patient enough to be able to. propose to this domain, make sure the name you choose is by the niche or theme of your blog. If it is personal, enter your name, if there is a name related to "food", the point is to connect.

This domain is free forever and can be obtained in 2021

Yeah, This domain is free forever if you use it wisely, also prevents problematic and ignorant hands, therefore, this free domain also maintains its reputation so that it can exist as a domain provider in 2021, of course, the most important requirement to use this domain. do not use anything.!, so the conditions you must have hosting + domain first:

Next, Take Care of the Domain

How do I get this domain?

Of course, you also need a DNS name as hosting or a place to attach your friends' domains, OK, just go ahead without further ado, I will explain in enough detail so that it is easy to understand, friends, here are the steps:

1. Open the official website of the page, just click

2. Click Register and fill in the required form, make sure the information is honest, because this is a lifetime domain, make sure it is the same as the email that will be registered at the host so that if synchronized it can run well

Talking about hosting

Hosting is a place to accommodate your domain, take it easy for you to give me a service that provides free FREE DNS services for life, okay, just take a look at the steps below:

How to get free hosting in 2021?

1. First, you need to create a DNS, look for a lot of free DNS on the internet, one of which you can visit the site, enter the domain that you requested the same as the party.

2. After signing up for the registration process, starting from filling out the complete identity form and so on, make sure the email is functioning properly, after that the hostry will ask for confirmation or validation for activating your email on their DNS.

Servername setting:
3. After you finish, please submit the domain name you want to register.
4. Next you have to wait this is where your patience is being tested, often to check the spam in the email you list, usually, later you will find an email from the NIC to confirm your account
5. Find your username there, use the password you created in step 2 to log into your account.

Email if your ask domain a verification form admin

Okay, the first and second terms regarding your domain have been approved, then you do the propagation process or unification between the domain and DNS so that it can be used.

After that, please click on the "services" menu and select DNS.

Open the navigation menu above, select service> free DNS> enter the domain you want to register, for example,> then press create
At this point, you have created a DNS storage for the domain that you will submit to the NIC later.

You can type the server name as the quote below (according to earlier)

Then, just like in the TLD domain settings, you just need to add CNAME and A records like this

CNAME data is usually obtained by code as a key when you want to transfer the domain on the blogger dashboard.

Contoh CNAME Data

A record Address IP blogger , 

For Details, Below:

Setting dashboard Hostry, 


Wait 30-1 hour minutes, then repeat the first step many times, try to save the blogged domain settings until it is successful and can be accessed.

Questions are often asked, why can't my domain if there is no additional adding www in front of it? OK, good question, the next step is you just activate it on the blog dashboard.

Setting HTTP to HTTPS

Try going to blogger dashboard> settings> domain address> tick "switch domain to"> save, don't forget to redirect your HTTP visits to HTTPS.

If it still fails to save, maybe the CNAME has changed, please be careful at the hostry domain or you haven't entered 4 A records containing the blogger's IP address.

How to Change Blogspot Address To TLD

After everything is done and it's ok, your website can appear, then you have to move your blogger to the webmaster by adding properties and on the google webmaster dashboard menu (the old blog website so that you don't lose traffic, move immediately and re-index) you please click settings -Change the address, enter your blog address as shown in this image.

Cara Perubahan alamat blogspot ke TLD
Blogspot to TLD Domain

Then don't forget to do or enter a sitemap, the goal is to speed up the movement of your blog (blog transfer).

Thus my post about How to get a free website domain in 2021 for life and free hosting, use it wisely not carelessly, the author is not responsible if anything happens to you so don't use the domain carelessly such as creating phishing links, spamming, sharing not clear, junk and for commercial sites on a large scale, because does not recommend large commercials for free EU. org-based domains, but must use a paid and independent domain, for blogger tutorial tips for beginner bloggers, thank you for visiting.

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