Gojek Company Will Stock Market in Indonesia

Gojek Company Will Listing In Indonesia Stock Market

Netgenz - Economy and BussinessPT Aplikasi Karya Anak Bangsa or Gojek will conduct an initial public offering (IPO) at the beginning of the second semester of this year. It is also reported that the fundraising from Gojek's IPO will be the largest in history. One market player who is aware of the plan said that the Gojek IPO will raise more than IDR 10 trillion in funds. If true it will be the largest in the history of capital markets.

Gojek will be carried out after the merger process with Tokopedia is complete. According to him, the Gojek IPO document is in process at the Financial Services Authority (OJK). Also, read Investments That Give Passive Income.

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Gojek Company

According to CB Insights, currently, Gojek's valuation is US $ 10.5 billion and Tokopedia's US $ 7.5 billion or a total of US $ 18 billion or Rp.252 trillion (exchange rate of Rp.14,000). When using the merger valuation, the IPO target, which is 10%, could reach IDR 25 trillion

However, Bloomberg estimates that the potential for a merger between the two has the potential to generate a market capitalization value of US $ 35 billion to the US $ 40 billion or a range of Rp 490 trillion - Rp 560 trillion at an exchange rate of Rp 14,000 per the US $. When using this valuation, the IPO value from Gojek will be even greater. Also, read Differences between Affiliate Marketing and Reseller.

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How to Buy Gojek Stocks

To buy IPO shares, an order process must be carried out, which is divided into two, namely book building and pooling. The entire process is carried out at the securities company, which is the underwriter of the IPO process for the intended issuer.

For the difference, customers who buy through book building can determine the stock price for the primary market. Therefore, the statement letter that is filled out by the customer through the book-building, in addition to the number of shares to be purchased, is also the desired price. Meanwhile, pooling only fills in the number of sheets.

For pooling, customers place orders directly through the relevant Securities Administration Bureau (BAE). BAE is appointed as the organizer of the pooling.

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