Excited In korean drama mine, Kopiko again

Excited In Korean drama mine, Kopiko again

Netgenz - Korean Drama |  Hello netizens are you still remember the presence of one of the candies from Indonesia? yaps Kopiko!, which has been a hit on the Korean drama, Vincenzo. The arrival of one of the candy hits in Indonesia made some people surprised.

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Kopiko on Korean Drama Mine

Recently, the candy returned to the latest Korean dramas with the title Mine. In the broadcast, Kopiko seemed to come when the special actor in the Korean drama, Seo Hee Soo, played by Lee Bo Young, seemed to be enjoying the candy,  our view recommend Korean dramas that are currently airing and are suitable for filling holidays or weekend breaks this month.

In the episode, the special actor is seen being given Kopiko candy. He also thanked him for being given the candy.

"I'm not sleepy again," said Lee Bo Young in that episode.

The episode immediately trended and became the talk of several people. Not only that but many netizens were also immediately enlivened on several social media, one of which was Tiktok.

"Of course, Indonesians are very happy because even one candy brand can compete globally in the world of Korean entertainment drama", one of which was quoted from the Twitter account of netizens Instagram

"Kopiko used to be Mine," noted one of the Instagram accounts of Mine TVN drama.

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Streaming drama Korean  Mine

Korean Drama Mine

Streaming Korean Drama Mine

The Korean drama Mine tells about two strong women as a son-in-law for a conglomerate family. Free from the expectations and boundaries of the citizens, the two women are trying to get back what they should have also read: Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 1 - 16 [END]

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Release Date Korean Drama Mine

Mine is played by two top-class artists, Lee Bo Young and Kim Seo Hyung. This drama recorded by Baek Mi Kyoung (Strong Girl Do Bong Soon, The Lady in Dignity) and directed by Lee Na Jeong (Love Sirene Season 1, Fight for My Way) can be seen starting May 8, 2021, on Netflix, you can visit Streaming Korean Drama Mine Sub English.

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