Decreasing Spam Score Easy Disavow Blog

Decreasing Spam Score Easy Blog

Netgenz  Tips Blog | Hello my friend, previously I have made a post Tips Google Adsense Low Value, this time I will give tips on eliminating Spam Score Blog Easy, of course, you sometimes don't realize that our blog or website has a high spam score page and this will affect the health of our blog in the eyes of Google or search engine engines, of course, a lot of idle People want to work on us so that the quality of our pages is bad, this can get a high spam score when we don't pay attention when choosing a domain or buying a domain, we think it's available, we can buy or know high score spam.

Decreasing Spam Score Blog

Decreasing Spam Score Easy Disavow Blog

Spam Score Blog

The spam score is the percentage of a website that has almost the same features as that page that has been penalized by Google. the losses that are obtained when we have high spam score, the quality of our website health will decrease and it is very difficult to find it on google search engines, aka deindexed or those that are even banned because of the term "trash".

Check Spam Score

Where can we check the spam score, to be able to find out the spam score that I know first from the blogger dashboard traffic, how to enter the dashboard menu> check statistics> click more about this blog, well there will be seen the traffic sources from your blogger, right away Just check the top referral URL of each link, see if anything is suspicious, for example like this Oliv Mimin blog, check one by one if there are any odd links, if it's easy, according to Mimin, look for those that don't use SSL like HTTP, don't use "S".

Check spam on your blog

Decreasing Spam Score Easy Blog

In addition to observing the dashboard menu, you can also use the help of Semrush or Moz links, see if your blog has an internal link linked to one of these websites, and check the quality of the web that links to all of your friends' blogs, usually, the links are not clear, often stick to the blog. when the DA / PA value of our blog is high enough. the effect is it will be very difficult if we want to approve Google Adsense because Google thinks we are a spam domain.

High Score Spam Solution

To deal with high social spam, you can request a request from Google directly through the Google Webmaster, all you have to do is a record which domains and websites you think are the main sources of spam, here is the format like this:

Format disavow

# Contacted owner on 16/04/2021
# ask for link removal but got no response

Contoh disavow ke google

Submit Disclaimers on Google

For the top list, you just need to continue the domain name, then for example line 1 is the domain, line 2 the page URL is made in sequence, after that, you save it in notepad and write it with the title disavow.txt then you send the link here, party google master will immediately process the action and send the link for the rejection URL that you have submitted, after that you click on the property search for the domain HTTP: (TLD) that you have if successful it will look like this.
Increase the Credibility of the website back
then after you submit it to google webmaster, you can improve the quality of your page, there are several effective ways.

1. Content of social media

The role of social media is very important, social media makes your website look healthy, and not a spam website, please enter the blog footer to enter the identity of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, the goal is to make Google believe this blog is not a spam score.

2. Expand Original Articles

Increasing original and unique articles that are not on search engines will make it easier for us to index the google webmaster in other words original will increase your blog traffic organically easily, original articles will stimulate viewers to read longer and be comfortable on your blog because if, for example, your article is not original, it will only be assessed by Google as low-value content or not of high quality.

Oliv hopes that this content helps readers become smart pipelines (people), once I want to hear the author's opinion, maybe someone is asked or discussed, can chat while coffee online in the comments column, that's how blogging tips I can write see you in the next tips. For other blogging tips links, you can click on the navigation bar of the blogger tutorial for beginner bloggers.

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