Collection of the Top 3 Boots by Korean Artist

Netgenz - Fashion | Hello my friends, Before I was writing about 5 Recommended Korean Hijab styles on this occasion we will discuss the topic of Korea, namely about Collection of the Top 3 Boots by Korean Artist. Wanting to look more beautiful, elegant, and perfect means that you have to pay attention from head to toe. Besides that, a harmonious mix of items, you also need to know what is trending rather than fashion itself. One of them, like this Korean artist, collects a wide variety of boots. What are the Korean artist's shoes like, let's see?

Here is the Top 3 Boots Collection by Korean Artists

1. Zipper Shoes

Zipper Shoes

Zipper Shoes

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These shoes have personal that dominates Korean style women's shoes. Especially when it started to enter winter, they always wore boots. This model of boots keeps walking when you wear zippered boots, which have a zip on the side of the heel. This will give the impression of a bolder touch. You can also add some accessories or a small bag so that your appearance will be cooler like a Korean artist.

2. Boots Creepers

Boots Creepers

Boots Creepers

If among you who like unique styles? If so, you can try wearing creepers boots. Besides being unique and edgy, this shoe model also tends to be more comfortable when used. You can also combine it with outfits such as skinny jeans, leggings. Those who use edgy and unique outfits to further support your appearance to make it more attractive. Like the meaning of SNSD's Yoona who wears a unique vest with black and white shorts and creepers.

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3. and finally, Boots Leather Lace

Boots Leather Lace

Boots Leather Lace

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Lace Leather boots like Dr. The martens used by the Artist Lisa BLACKPINK are arguably the classic boots model that will not run out of time. Whenever it's for activity, these boots are perfect. You just have to choose the color variation or how many eyes you want to wear. These boots also give off a boyish and edgy impression for those of you who wear them. Combine with sleeves, skinny jeans for a maximum appearance.

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