Choosing a TLD or Free Domain Making Blog

Netgenz - Tips Blog | Hello, friends before I writing how to indexing articles on google and bing / Yandex webmaster on this occasion, allow us to share tips and ways, namely about Blog Tutorials Tutorials, and Blogging Tips Differences between TLD and Free Domains.

Choosing a TLD or Free Domain Making Blog

Choosing a TLD or Free Domain Making Blog

What is a domain?

The domain is the name of your blog or website. In general, there are two types of domains, namely free domains and top-level domains. Which free domain name? What about top-level domains? What's the difference between the two? Which one is better? A free domain is a domain that you only get when you create a blog, and the domain we choose is just a subdomain of the main domain of the free blog provider that you registered. Examples of free domain names, such as,,, and many other free blogging platforms. Therefore, the domain name you choose is still the domain of the blog provider where you create your blog.

What is the difference between free and TLD domains?

Top level domains are domain names that no longer follow one of the free blogging platforms, such as Top-level domain names have many extensions, such as .com, .org, .in, .us, and .net, which are global domain names. For special Indonesian domain names, such as,,, etc.

What are the Similarities between TLD and Free Domains?

What is the similarity between a top-level domain and a free domain in some aspects when it comes to SEO friendliness, these two domains are the same. There is no guarantee that a blog using a top-level domain will be better than a free domain on search engine results pages (SERPs). The opportunity to appear on the first SERP page depends on the optimization of the blog, be it on-page optimization or off-page optimization. Hence, a blog with a free domain may be better than a blog with a top-level domain on the SERP.

The available domains and the top-level domains have the same process of assigning a domain name. This means that when choosing a domain name, free domains and top-level domains have an equal chance of not being available. This is because no two blogs can have the same domain name, there must be a difference ... let's just say that has a domain.

What are the advantages of free and TLD domains?

Benefits of free domain names The name is also free, which means it doesn't cost you a dime to own a domain name. As long as the domain is not registered, you can freely change the blog domain. Lack of free domain names If free domain names (especially free domain names using Blogspot) violate Google's "Trademark Protection Act", they can easily be removed, because we're just hitchhiking. other than that the free domain name is too long because it still follows the parent domain of the blog platform where the blog will be created. Seems unprofessional. Advantages of TLD domains, If you delete a blog (in this case the blog uses a top-level domain name but is hosted for free on a free hosting provider (such as Blogger), then the optimization done so far will not be in vain, because even if the blog is deleted, the domain name is still reserved.

What Are the Disadvantages of a TLD Domain?

As for the top-level domains, there is a drawback that of course, you have to pay a higher fee, because the top-level domains have to be redeemed for a certain price. Each top-level domain has a different price, ranging from 50,000-200,000 to hundreds of millions or even millions. Advantages of the top-level domain The domain is short, so it is easy for blog visitors to remember and impressed professionally so it will give you extra points, of course very useful for bloggers who want to monetize their blog.

Where can I buy a TLD domain?

Here is an example of you can buy a domain that is provided in Indonesia, of course, the advantage is you can pay in rupiah or transfer via ATM, here are the domain provider services? on the Internet there are lots of domain provider services, so are the Blogging Tutorials and Tips on the Difference between TLD and Free Domains, for other tutorials you can check on the Blogging menu.

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