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Netgenz - Korean drama | Vincenzo became the first Korean drama played by Song Joong Ki in 2021. In this Korean drama Song Joong Ki played an Italian advocate named Vincenzo Cassano who decided to return to Korea to solve the case. The following is interesting evidence regarding the Korean drama Vincenzo:

5 Interesting Facts! Korean Drama Vincenzo

1. Song Joong Ki studied the Italian language

To study his role as an advocate growing up in Italy, Song Joong Ki studied Italian. It wouldn't be strange if the Italian pronunciation in some of the lines sounded really clever. The thing I love about Song Joong Ki is his classic haircut, already smart and handsome.

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soong joong ki

Song Joong Ki 

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2. Not Shooting in Italy Country

Cgi on vincenzo

CGI On Vincenzo

In its early episodes, this Korean drama shows the background of Vincenzo's life as an advocate in Italy. Until many of the episodes were taken against the background of the Italian situation. But it turns out that the scenes weren't actually shot in Italy. The episode made use of neat CGI to the point that many were fooled if it was only CGI. At first, the writer didn't expect it, I thought it was shot in Italy, but after seeing the video footage from Netflix it turned out to be amazing, this film was produced!

3. Supported by Indonesian Brands

Kopiko Brand On Vincenzo

Kopiko Brand On Vincenzo

The emergence of the famous coffee candy brand in the country, Kopiko has made a lot of Indonesian fans. Korean netizens responded positively to Kopiko as a sponsor. The opposite is the case with Chinese brand products that have been criticized after being in the Korean drama.

After arriving in Korea, Vincenzo meets advocate Hong Chae Young, played by Jeon Hye Bin. They eventually work together to administer the law firm Jipuragi to challenge crime, the Babylonian Chemical company that produces drugs that harm humans. As time went on, the seeds of love existed between the two. Also, read Synopsis Drama Oh My Venus Episode 5 Part 4 English Subtitle.

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4. The villain who is not a suspect

Played by 2 PM's Taecyeon as Jang Joo Woo, he was originally described as an intern at the law firm Wusang, where Hong Cha Young originally worked. But apparently, Joo Woo's character is another card in this Korean drama. He turns out to be the villain behind the Babel company.

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5. The Geumga Plaza gang

geumga plaza vincenzo

Geumga Plaza gang

This Korean drama with a serious impression displays a humorous aspect that adds to the excitement. Of course, the arrival of the Geumga Plaza gang will be among them. They, as residents of Geumga Plaza, have various backgrounds, starting from monks, Italian chefs, laundrymen, to street food restaurant owners.

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