7 Best Korean Drama Streaming Websites

8 Best Korean Drama Streaming Websites

Netgenz - Drama Korea | Now, many people, especially the younger generation, love Korean TV dramas. Therefore, if you are one of them, now there are many applications for watching Korean drama films on weekends.

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Now, applications for watching Korean dramas can be widely used on smartphones. This application is also legal. The following is a list of applications for watching Korean dramas on Android and iPhone.

1. Watch Korean dramas through Hooq

The Hooq application can be installed on Android and iPhone. Street First, you must download this application on the Play Store or App Store. Then create an account and select the software package you want to use. The monthly subscription price range is not that expensive.

2. Watch Korean dramas with Viu

VIU provides Indonesian subtitles for Korean TV dramas. Therefore, the app is the most popular. You can download movies on VIU for offline viewing. Viu offers movies for free, but if you want to avoid advertisements while watching commercials, you will have to pay an insurance premium.

3. Watch Korean dramas on Netflix

Another Korean TV series watching application is Netflix. This service is also very popular in Indonesia. However, because the Telkom group blocks Netflix, Telkomsel or Telkom users cannot access Netflix. Through Iflix, users can enjoy various Korean dramas in Indonesian. Before using Iflix, you must first create an account and subscribe.

4. Drakor. id

The application to watch the latest Korean TV drama Drakor. id. The drama program also uses Indonesian subtitles. The size of the application is also small, so it doesn't take up smartphone memory. Don't forget to download this application for free first.

5. KBS World Television

Korean TV station KBS has created an application that allows you to watch Korean dramas on Android or iPhone on your cellphone. Don't forget to create an account first, then you can directly access your favorite Korean dramas.

6. KDrama

This application can be used for your favorite Korean drama. You can also watch movies online for free through this application. KDrama provides TV dramas that have recently aired in South Korea. If you are watching a TV series currently airing in South Korea, KDrama will provide notifications for the latest updates from the Drakor episode.

7. SBS

This application for watching Korean dramas on mobile is KBS's biggest competitor. At SBS, we broadcast many Korean dramas that we like from Korean TV stations. For example, "Heir", "Winter that Blows in Winter", "That Can Be Love", and "My Love for the Starry Sky". But in this SBS application, you cannot watch K-Drama with Indonesian subtitles.

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