5 Korean Lifestyles To Stay Young

Netgenz - Lifestyle  Hello my friends, on this occasion we will discuss the Korean topic, which is about 5 Secrets of Korean People Looking Young. Confused, why do Korean people stay young, even though they are already 40 years old. while in Indonesia, the face is wrinkled and looks old too. you want to know, why do Koreans stay young even though they are old. just go ahead and discuss it in full, without many words!.

Ji Chang Wook

Here are 5 Secrets of Youth in Korea

Eat Fresh Food

1. Eat Fresh Food

You know kimchi, bibimbap, or bulgogi eaten wrapped in fresh lettuce. there also Koreans who rarely eat fried food, Koreans like raw foods, such as garlic, and certain seafood eaten directly without cooking, 

2. Keeps Skin Hydrated

Keeps Skin Hydrated

In Korea it is winter, and Korean women's skin can be very dry in that season. We may not experience winter because Indonesia only has 2 seasons (rainy season and dry season), but exposure to air conditioning both at home and at work can dry out your skin.

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3. Always Use a Mask While Sleeping

Always Use a Mask While Sleeping

Korean women also believe that sleeping at night, the skin regenerates, so it needs help from the outside. they also rely on sleeping masks, masks that give the best results when worn during sleep. Generally, these masks contain essential oils that help you fall asleep, while also making your skin moisturized.

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4. Apply a Moisturizer With an Anti-Wrinkle Formula

You don't have to wait 3o years to use a moisturizer with this anti-wrinkle formula. Since the age of 20, Korean women have been using a moisturizer with an anti-aging formula, but with a lighter dose. The form can be like an oil-based moisturizer that makes the face dull-free, and always hydrated. The skin also looks fresh and youthful.

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5. Always Wear Sunscreen

Always Wear Sunscreen

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Korean women are proud of their skin tone and guard against sun exposure. They always apply sunscreen, even since they were teenagers before they start dressing up. And choosing beauty products with additional anti-UV rays is their mainstay.

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Okay everyone, in my opinion, my discussion is quite complete, thank you for visiting our blog and the article about 5 Secrets of Korean People Looking Young. Hopefully, this can be useful for readers of Indonesian netizens, especially for +62 netizens who are confused about how to deal with skin to stay young. If you are confused about how to dress Korean style. And also those who are confused about looking for Korean dramas, check here for recommendations. Furthermore, for the full article on our blog, please click Korean.

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