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NetgenzTips Blog | Hello my friend, this time I will provide a blog article about blogger tutorial tips for beginner bloggers, which is about overcoming. Overcoming 404 Page Domain Transfer Redirects from the Used TLD to Different Blogs, of course, is very useful for beginners on the blogger platform.

Script Redirect 404 Page Blog

Simple Script Redirect 404 Page Blog

Cause Code 404 Blog

The code "404" on a blog indicates that the page does not exist or is deleted or missing, as we know there are many causes for 404 pages, including incorrectly entering a website, the third cache error, there is a problem with re-DNS settings, so we don't know until when our page will be deleted by Google or moved to a new address.

404 page

404 Page Blog

Case 404 Page Transfer

So yesterday Mimin was confused about wanting to redirect the article whose page was broken (404) when returning the domain from the TLD to Blogspot again or (transfer the TLD domain whose condition hasn't expired and we want to return to the original domain or replace a new domain) then this is the term as a 404 redirect.

Page 404 Health Impacts Blog

So when I try to test an article that has page one on Google it turns out to be 404 (not redirected directly), as a result, it's a huge loss to write long and trending articles even though Microsoft loses hahaha, the URL rating is really small and well, the impact is very much the same Our blog traffic so that the traffic from the previous blog did not drop, the method is very simple. So, so that the old domain that is still indexed by Google is moved to the new domain, here are the steps.

Redirect Steps Page 404

  • First, create a new blog page, just any new page, then paste the old TLD domain that was previously used, after that, set the DNS on your hosting, after it's done, wait a few moments.
  • On the new blog, please enter the template, enter the theme, and edit the HTML
  • Paste the script below on your newly confirmed blog (the position of the TLD domain has been redirected and can be accessed, OK).

Redirect 404 Page With HTML Blog

Enter the following 404 redirect script above the element/body

<b:if cond='data:view.isError'>
window.location.href = &quot;;;
  • After that, fill in the URL of your destination blog so you can redirect to your new website page or blog.

404 Page Redirect Alternative Steps

If you want it to be simple and practical, you can enter the script code below in the new blogger settings and click "special 404"

Redirect 404

Enter the following script
my_redirect = setTimeout(function() {
window.location.href = '';
}, 10);
  1.  Enter your destination blog URL so you can redirect to your new website page or blog
  2. Then click "save"


I hope this content helps readers to become smart people, a little bit still confused about having problems or problems regarding the Redirect 404 Page Transfer Domain Used TLD on Different Blogs, once I want to hear the author's opinion, maybe someone is asked or discussed, can chat while coffee online in the comments column, so blogging tips that I can write I'll see in the next tips. For blogger tutorial links for beginner bloggers such as writers.

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