Netgenz - Computer and Internet | When you want to find out what types of components are installed on our work equipment, usually you need to use software to check and see the hardware specifications on your computer or laptop. The choice is, you don't have to bother taking apart the PC case and see it if you use the help of software it will definitely be easier. The following are 5 types of software chosen by Teknoblas, this software is very helpful for seeing the detailed specifications of the installed computer components, I will give tips on how to check laptop or computer specifications using applications without disclosing Hardcase.

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1. Speccy

Sample Speech Dashboard

Created by Single-minded Piriform makes software called Speccy, and the company has focused on developing tools that are fairly easy and detailed to use. The simple design and basic colors won't confuse you, and it feels like checking computer and laptop hardware specifications is a breeze. The first window that appears is a summary of all the general specifications of the installed hardware. Select the sub-hardware you want to know in detail, and a very comprehensive specification window will appear for each component.

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2. PC Wizard

Sample PC Wizard

Sample PC Wizard Dashboard

Software specially designed to detect complete and detailed information about a PC or hardware components used in a computer. It's pretty good and looks very comprehensive via the configuration menu, and the resources can even analyze benchmarks just fine.

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3. ASTRA32

Sample Astra32 Dashboard

Sample Astra32 Dashboard

Like other software, Astra32 can also analyze detailed information about the hardware in a computer or laptop. This file is very small and can be downloaded for free. Almost any Windows platform operating system can use this software without any problems.


4. CPU Z

Sample CPUZ Dashboard

Sample Dashboard CPU Z

CPU-Z Free software for checking computer component specifications and providing very satisfying detailed information. Only, for now, CPU-Z is being developed for Windows and Android. Maybe in the future, there will be other OS development. Usually, some CPU-Z needs to be installed as an installer, and there is also portable software, so you just need to run it without installing. The initial view that is presented is the detail of the processor used, and the navigation menu goes directly to other hardware components.

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5. HWM BlackBox

Sample PC Wizard Dashboard

Sample HWM Blackbox

HWM BlackBox HWM BlackBox is a carefully developed application that provides comprehensive information about the essential components installed on the computer. The main components of the computer are displayed in detail, such as the processor, RAM, VGA, and motherboard. Thank you for your attention.

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