Beginner Blogger Blog template design affect the traffic

Blog Templete affect the traffic

How to make Nice a Blog With Blogger

Netgenz  - Tips Blog | Hello Friends, Previously I have discussed how to build a blog using a suitable theme on this occasion allow to provide tips for novice bloggers before, sorry for the temperature and masters who have been playing for a long time on the Adsense blog, it doesn't mean that I intend to patronize me only to tell personal experiences during blogging from 2009 to 2021, although 2009 blogs are still messy, the contents are not clear hahaha, so this is based on the story, okay, writing this time, don't be too formal or stiff, let's just talk casually!

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 I'm also a beginner blogger, how come I write personal blog content, you know I'm a content writer, don't just think of it as a wise content writer, instead of speaking incoherently let's start with the topic of conversation according to the title, I hope my explanation is comprehensive enough, so you should be lucky to find my article post, at least you have finished this self-reflection why it's hard to accept google adsense specially reject for low content value, does not mean to improve the quality of writing because it is a principle can survive being a blogger, okay we get straight to the topic!

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What problems will a beginner blogger?

Okay, of course, it varies from simple to complex, for example, a simple one can't install widgets, customize themes, don't understand HTML or CSS languages, even though you can't write, confused about what blog theme is the good thing? just mix it up so you don't think hard. It's okay I understand it's a common problem as a beginner blogger, Me is also a beginner even though, if you are a blackhat player please leave this post, but if you want a pure straight line, please continue reading my advice on tips to increase blog traffic, following the TOS ( Term of Service) google algorithm, need to be avoided to create sensitive content and an expert(YMYL Content), al the results of our articles or Search engine ranking is less attractive to read or do not like using google search.

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What is the location of the most trivial but fatal error that causes a low-traffic blog?

Yups, the real problem is in the content of your blog or content, how come, bro? There are a lot of reasons for the breakdown, but what is clear is that the content is not soulful or kicking in the eyes of search engines submission (google), so that the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) of our blog has the last page ranking (even then if it is indexed, Search engine ranking), keep it get indexing Tips Quickly Index Google Blog Articles

 now that is it. it causes our traffic to below, it seems that weblog but don't sell, it's sad, you can learn Simple SEO For Tutorial Blogging.

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Does the Blog template design affect the traffic?

Yes, obviously, I will not discuss it because this is a webmaster's expertise such as determining keywords, backlinks, anchorage text, DA / PA, page speed, and so on the website optimization. I have mentioned a little in the previous post even though I haven't had time to discuss it in depth (deep learning), for design. not only the template design but also the domain, try the TLD (Top Level Domain) or Choosing a TLD or Free Domain Making Blog, example you can get it bro!it's Free How to Get TLD Free Domain Easily

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